CTO 101 — S01: Database — Chap04: Document Stores

CTO 101 — S01: Database — Chap04: Document Stores

Document stores are the pioneer in NoSQL movement, they are known as schema-free and made for storing and retrieving document-oriented information. Majority of these databases are made to support JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Extensible Markup Language (XML) but there are others supporting other formats such as YAML, BSON, and even non-pure text documents.

Most Popular: MongoDB, Amazon Dynamodb, Couchbase, CouchDB,

Where to use:

  • Situations where data model changes frequently. For example where multiple client application with different data requirement want to access the same set of data but they have not a defined set of data structure
  • Document database is web and app-friendly since it stores JSON
  • Extendable data model
  • Modeling of natural data
  • Fast Prototyping

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