CTO 101 — S01: Database — Chap06: RDF Store

CTO 101 — S01: Database — Chap06: RDF Store

RDF store or triple store is kind of graph database that is well know for usage on semantic web concept. A Triplestore is for the storage and retrieval of triples(subject-predicate-object) like John has car or Car is blue. RDF or Resource Description Framework is a standard from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for modeling metadata, triples can usually be easily imported/exported using RDF. It’s also good to mention SPARQL which is the customized SQL for RDF stores.

Most Popular: MarkLogic, Jena, Virtuoso

Where to use:

  • Application related to semantic web
  • Inferring future trends from current data like movie suggestion, ads suggestions, etc.

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