Month: May 2021

Technology News on Monday, May 31st, 2021

👉Tencent helps Chinese students skip prohibitively low speeds for school websites overseas – TechCrunch❗️ link 👉🏽Android 12 Will Block Third-Party Share Sheets❗️ link 👉🏿Nintendo Shares Its May eShop Highlights❗️ link 👉A Battlefield 6 alpha may launch in July❗️ link 👉🏽Tales of Arise – Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, and Law ‘Mystic Artes’ trailer, screenshots❗️ link 👉🏿WhatsApp flip-flops…
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Japanese space agency to put Transformable Lunar Robot on the moon

The lander, officially called the ispace lunar lander, has been designed to be a generic host for multiple entities. Customers planning to use the lander include the Canadian Space Agency and The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center. JAXA is developing a …❗️ read more

‘Moonlighter’ and ‘SteamWorld Quest’ Discounted to Their Lowest Prices Yet on iOS

We’ve had some really great console and PC to mobile conversions over the years on mobile platforms. There have been loads of great recent ones as well. Turn-based card RPG SteamWorld Quest ($4.99) from Image & Form felt like a perfect fit for iOS when …❗️ read more

Build the University of Your Dreams With Two Point Campus, Brought to You by Two Point Hospital Devs

It’s time to spin academia on its head! Got a yearning for learning? Or just keen to build an educational masterpiece? Campus is jam-packed with new creative tools to help you build the university of your dreams. For the first time, build in the great outdoors as …❗️ read more

Tales of Arise – Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, and Law ‘Mystic Artes’ trailer, screenshots

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Tales of Arise showcasing the Mystic Artes for playable characters Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, and Law. Additionally, the company introduced a new support character and some of the game’s benefits on …❗️ read more

WhatsApp flip-flops on privacy policy threats, again

Earlier this month, before the policy came into force, the popular messaging app backtracked on its threat to ban users that don’t accept the new terms, instead threatening them with reduced functionality. It now appears that the company has backtracked on the …❗️ read more

A Battlefield 6 alpha may launch in July

A new Battlefield title is almost guaranteed to release sometime this year, but everything is simply speculation without an official announcement from EA. With an EA Play event coming this summer, we should find out if another Battlefield game really is coming …❗️ read more

Android 12 Will Block Third-Party Share Sheets

Android Sharesheet offers an array of sharing options, as well as ways to share something across. The UI of the Android Sharesheet looks different from app to the app because Google doesn’t force UI uniformity for the share sheet.❗️ read more

Nintendo Shares Its May eShop Highlights

We’re at the end of another month, and May brought some rather fun games to our charming little Switch systems. A number in our team have been solving the mysteries in both Famicom Detective Club titles, while Miitopia picked up on the strong momentum …❗️ read more

Tencent helps Chinese students skip prohibitively low speeds for school websites overseas – TechCrunch

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese students enrolled in overseas schools have been stranded as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt life and airlines around the world. Studying at home in China, they all face one challenge. The school website and …❗️ read more