Crypto Mining in 2018- Does Crypto mining still worth it in 2018?

Crypto Mining in 2018- Does Crypto mining still worth it in 2018?

Recently, after the big hype of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many people start to think to enter this market and by crypto mining using your current home computer or laptop, you are taking the lowest risk possible. But, you might have asked yourself am I too late for this, is it even working on my current computer or if it does, is it too complex or whatsoever. So, I have a good news for you, not even you can monetize any computing device that you have, you even can make a good chunk of money if your electricity is not too expensive. In the following, I am gonna cover 5 of the best and easiest programs that you can use your current computer to earn good amount of money. These programs normally provide a level of abstraction on what to mine or suggest you what to mine and they have easy payout by paying normal fiat currencies. So you don’t need technical knowledges or understanding of what coin will have better future.

Disclaimer: I tested these apps in a short amount of time using AMD R9 280X and Nvidia 1070, my experience may not be the ultimate results in every scenario!!!

1.Winminer 2/5

If you are a bit older and from the dial-up era of internet you have heard for sure the name of DAP(download accelerator pro) A real life saver for downloading in those time I loved that program. Well, winminer is made by them. It’s easy to use and has the two different modes of crypto mining which let you mine what community think is the best profitable or Mine with 24 benchmarking on your home computer.

Pros: Diverse Payout ( PayPal or Amazon gift cards,…)

Cons: No transparency, Not optimized for the best earning.

Ease of use: 4/5

Transparency and modifiability: 3/5

Profitability: 2/5

Payout Methods: 5/5

Overal: 2/5

I don’t recommend you to use Winminer in any scenario. Sorry winminer but you gotta work harder we loved your DAP but winminer is not what I will trust to leave my PC on for it.

2.Miner Gate 4/5

In my opinion, this miner is the best looking and most user-friendly of all miners however it has its own drawbacks as well. In Miner gate unlike many of 1 stop center programs that they mine and pay you on specific payout methods, you can mine what you want it’s fully under your control and it’s cool. Look at like an investment when I think zcash gonna grow even though current rate of crypto mining to USD is not high I can just do it and later on with hype in the market I make a big win.

Pros: Best interface, Many currencies to mine, Low withdrawal fees and directly into your own wallet, Multiplatform.

Cons: Doesn’t use the full capacity of your graphics cards, if you want easy cashout you gotta sell your crypto yourself.

Ease of use: 4/5

Transparency and modifiability: 4/5

Profitability: 4/5

Payout Methods: 3/5

Overal: 4/5

I recommend using Minergate if you are a hobbyist you want to own cryptos and you want to use your own computer to do so.

P.S.: if you want to pay for crypto mining you can buy hashing power from minergate, comparatively it has some of the cheapest offers for some algorithms.

3. Kryptex 3/5

Well, Kryptex is the easiest to use platform, you don’t need to worry about anything just press of a button and you are earning. Well, most of the crypto experts won’t like this platform because they are not under control. To me also it is a negative thing since I want to know what is going on, and what kind of crypto mining algorithm is being used. but overall I have used this for an extended period of time and I was quite happy with the performance. The payout is simple you always earn in term of US dollar and at anytime you can get paid with bitcoin or you can opt for Qiwi Visa Wallet which is an online visa card.

Pros: Simple, One click earning. Good for low-performance systems

Cons: Lack of Transparency. Only for windows.

Ease of use: 5/5

Transparency and modifiability: 1/5

Profitability: 4/5

Payout Methods: 3/5

Overal: 3/5

I recommend this if you don’t want any technical headache simple cash out of the system and there you go. However, personally, I don’t think this is the best option out there.

4. Computta 3/5

Computta just like kryptex is a simple platform and according to my experiences most adaptable to all kinds of hardware practically you can run it on an old netbook as well as a supercomputer. It is, however, another very closed platform and that doesn’t feel right on the crypto market.

Pros: Simple, One click earning. Good for low-performance systems, Good for 0 technical skills, Show real-time earning in term of $ and bitcoin.

Cons: Lack of Transparency. Only for windows.

Ease of use: 5/5

Transparency and modifiability: 3/5

Profitability: 3/5

Payout Methods: 3/5

Overal: 3/5

I recommend Computta if you want to have an easy tool to earn money and visually see your short term earning.

5. Nicehash 4/5

Nicehash is the most famous and widely used platform among all the group miners. Nicehash, is not as easy as the rest as it divides crypto mining to 2 different categories for Nvidia and AMD GPUs. For Nvidia you gotta use new Nicehash app which doesn’t support AMD and old Nvidia cards and for the rest, you have to use Nicehash legacy app which is downloadable from GitHub. So, about the new Nicehash it is easy and with one click you start to earn but in case you don’t have Nvidia cards you have to install nicehash legacy which is not that straightforward process.

Pros: Modifiability, Ease only for Nvidia GPUs.

Cons: Needs a bit of technical knowledge for AMD cards, Internal wallet and cost of withdrawal, Only for windows.

Ease of use: 3/5

Transparency and modifiability: 5/5

Profitability: 4/5

Payout Methods: 3/5

Overal: 4/5

P.S.: Now they add the option to withdraw your earning into Coinbase which is really good.

P.S.: if you want to pay for crypto mining you can buy hashing power from Nicehash as well just like Minergate. Both services has way bigger benefits for serious mining investors than buying hash power from other services like hashflare or buyuing dedicated servers.

I recommend Nicehash not only for Nvidia owners but to anyone who is a little keen on technical stuff and is not scared of few problems, just install the Nicehash legacy and get going.

6.Micromining 0/5 !!!!


First of all, this is the dodgiest option on my list, There is really no information about who these people are. Well, this gets worse it is infected with some kind of trojan which when you start installing it, it infects your computer.

I just write about it to make awareness about the danger of this program. Micromining program will run nicely on your computer and shows that you are earning some Satoshi, with some rough calculation it doesn’t seem that bad but the fact they put a trojan on this software ruined it all for me.


Worth Mentioning

Awesome Miner: It helps to manage and monitor the miners for windows, it is free for 2 miners but it charges 1-time cost for more than that. This is good for serious crypto lovers to mine actual cryptos in their own wallet without the involvement of a third-party and they don’t have enough knowledge to install all those miners and switch between them easily. This is a professional tool and I don’t recommend it for small-scale use, however, if you have few rigs I recommend using this along miningpoolhub.

Cloud mining

Hashflare: a really neat tool that you can easily buy hash power from cloud and mine what you want.

Final words

Hope this article helps you to earn a little bit of money with your home computer, comment below and write me directly at for any inquiries.

If you are wondering what is cryptocurrencies bitcoin and all the rest check my previous post about blockchain and bitcoin.


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