We have a network of professors and researchers in East Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA. We can initiate research projects in most of engineering fields. Apart from our in house research we can make direct contacts with universities and professors for our close partners.

From IDEAS to the SKY

Having a team of serial entrepreneurs and venture builders and techies on board, we are able to organize design sprint and ideation workshops and take it there all the way to a ready product and even establish business development, marketing all in one place. 

Hardware and Software Design and Development

Well, more than anything else we count ourself to be builders, with few of best software and hardware experts in house and a extensive team of engineers all over the world we can deliver projects with unique cost and quality.
IF you are thinking of  IoT or some futurisitic hardware solution or maybe you are thinking of Blockchain or even a Deep learning project or Automating your factory, or creating just a webpage, well don’t go far write us a message and you will never be disappointed.


You are looking for identity, you are at right place, from basic naming, logo and slogan creation to full fledge digital identity we can build it all for you, and in the meantime if you are thinking of online ads goolge facebook, … you name it we can organize ads campaign all over internet.

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