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CTO 103 — S02: Blcokchain — Chap03: Initial coin offering(ICO)

Initial coin offering or ICO is the hottest topic about blockchain right now. It stands for initial coin offering, right, it sounds like IPO(initial public offering), but it creates a much better form of an investment for the general public and founders. in an ICO company worth is mapped on a certain currency which represents…
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CTO 101 — S02: Blcokchain — Chap02: Bitcoin

Even though majority of people think blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin was started with Satoshi paper but the fact is blockchain concepts dates back to a decade before, the concept of secure chain of blocks was discussed by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta in 1991 but eventually what made this concept a breakthrough was…
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CTO 101 — S02: Blockchain — Chap01: Introdution

If you are following tech news you are definitely have got bombarded with the block-chain articles. But what are all these hypes about and why every industry is rushing to examine this technology? Blockchain with no doubt is the most disruptive technology of recent years and I believe it’s mandatory for every technical leader to…
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