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Technology News on Thursday, July 29th, 2021

👉The Ascent review – a breathtaking cyberpunk world in thrall to a tedious RPG-shooter❗️ link 👉🏽Nothing Ear (1) review❗️ link 👉🏿Destruction AllStars’ July update fixes “ghost hits”❗️ link 👉Leaked ‘Fortnite’ Rift Tour Challenges Give A Peek At The Concert Event To Come❗️ link 👉🏽Sony’s first PS5 software beta arrives with M.2 SSD support❗️ link 👉🏿Pelotonia…
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Samsung Makes Foldable Phones a Key Priority for Mobile Business

Samsung Electronics Co. said it’s making foldable phones a priority, starting with a major promotional push in the latter half of this year aimed at bringing the premium form factor to a mainstream audience. Discussing its earnings Thursday, the South Korean …❗️ read more

Google app charges targeted by mass legal claim

A legal action seeking damages of up to £920m from Google on behalf of 19.5 million UK Android phone users has been launched. It claims the 30% cut Google takes from digital purchases on its app store is excessive and unfair. The case follows a similar …❗️ read more

Google is kicking ‘sugar dating’ apps out of the Play Store

Traditionally, sugar dating relationships involve older, wealthier individuals dating and showering younger partners with gifts. As Android Police notes, there’s no shortage of apps on the Play Store designed around setting up “sugar daddy” relationships.❗️ read more

Pelotonia 2021: Five things to know about this year’s cancer-research fundraising cycling event

Three riders pass through the Pelotonia finish line toward the bike racks at Bevelhymer Park in. Pelotonia had hosted a weekend ride event every year since 2009; however, the pandemic forced the …❗️ read more

Sony’s first PS5 software beta arrives with M.2 SSD support

Sony’s PS5 system software beta program is starting to roll out today, and it include access to the long-awaited M.2 SSD slot. The first PS5 beta is available for select users in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and France. The beta includes some new UX …❗️ read more

Leaked ‘Fortnite’ Rift Tour Challenges Give A Peek At The Concert Event To Come

Back from the days of these “what got cancelled during the pandemic” rumors, in addition to Ariana and Gaga, artist J Balvin was listed as a possible concert performer. One celebrity from this era of …❗️ read more

Destruction AllStars’ July update fixes “ghost hits”

Destruction AllStars has received a new patch that makes a number of significant changes to the game. The key change has been fixing so-called “ghost hits”, where players feel like they lose vehicle health for no apparent reason. This tends to happen when …❗️ read more

Nothing Ear (1) review

Carl Pei says he looked around and saw a lot of the same. He’s not alone in that respect. Apple didn’t invent the fully wireless earbud with the first AirPods, but it did provide a kind of inflection point that sent many of its competitors hurtling toward a sort of …❗️ read more

The Ascent review – a breathtaking cyberpunk world in thrall to a tedious RPG-shooter

The Ascent’s arcology setting is splendid, if heavily derivative – shame that all you can do here is gun and grind. The Ascent teems. Its tiered alien megacity is one of the liveliest cyberpunk settings I’ve explored, always crawling with people and machines, …❗️ read more