Technology News on Monday, July 5th, 2021

Technology News on Monday, July 5th, 2021

👉Apple defeats attempt by TikTok and others to bypass App Tracking Transparency in China❗️ link

👉🏽Battlegrounds Mobile India surpasses 1 crore downloads on Google Play Store❗️ link

👉🏿The Windows 11 app store is already more useful after just a week❗️ link

👉Final Fantasy XIV has broken its all-time Steam concurrent player record❗️ link

👉🏽Step back like a billionaire: Previous tech titan exits offer examples for Bezos❗️ link

👉🏿Audacity ‘Spyware’ Claims Follow Privacy Policy Changes By New Owner❗️ link

👉Android smartphone users alert! Remove these 9 apps with hidden Trojan virus❗️ link

👉🏽Zuck Wishes America a Happy Birthday in the Most Cursed Way Possible❗️ link

👉🏿The Week In Games: Monster Hunter Stories 2❗️ link