Technology News on Saturday, March 27th, 2021

Technology News on Saturday, March 27th, 2021

👉’Genshin Impact’ Update 1.5 Leaks: Everything We Know From Release Date To New Characters❗️ link

👉🏽Samsung in collaboration with Marvell develops new System-on-a-Chip for 5G networks❗️ link

👉🏿Kensington SD7000 Surface Pro Docking Station review❗️ link

👉Cold War & Modern Warfare Have Less 6v6 Multiplayer Content Than Ever❗️ link

👉🏽First Cadillac Blackwing Sedans Sold At Auction For Combined $430000❗️ link

👉🏿Huawei files patent CN112564295A, to work on wireless charging technology: Report❗️ link

👉Fortnite’s Epic Games Appears To Be Cracking Down On Wager Matches❗️ link

👉🏽Rust Console Edition will be released in May for PS4 and Xbox One❗️ link

👉🏿Samsung Galaxy S21: 5 Hidden Features You Should Know About❗️ link