Technology News on Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Technology News on Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Skype's new 'blur background' feature could help save your blushes. link

Some iPhone Apps May Be Recording Users' Screens Without Their Knowledge, Report Finds. link

NYPD asks Google to scrap Waze's DUI checkpoints. link

2020 Toyota Sequoia News, Release Date and Pricing. link

2020 Toyota upgrades pickup trucks, SUVs with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay. link

2020 Toyota Tacoma gets much-needed tech upgrade in Chicago. link

Is your Facebook News Feed limited to 26 friends? That's fake news. link

How Fortnite Cratered Video Game Stocks Today. link

Popular iOS Apps Found To Secretly Record Your iPhone Screen, Put Your Personal Data At Risk. link

LG's G8 will fight FaceID with its own 3D front-facing camera. link

Emoji representing people with disabilities approved for 2019. link

Grand Theft Auto Online Cheater Owes Take-Two Over $150000. link

Google probably won't pull DWI checkpoints from Waze despite NYPD demand. link

Microsoft dismisses Office 2019 as old and dumb in videos promoting Office 365 subscriptions. link

Some Popular iPhone Apps Secretly Record Your Screen for Analytics Purposes. link

Microsoft's Inside Xbox Show Isn't Working. link

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered coming at the end of March. link

Google Home's Assistant could soon know you better than you do. link

GTA V Cheat Maker Has to Pay $150000 in Copyright Damages. link

New Emoji include 'tiny penis' and 'period blood,' according to the Internet. link